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Welcome to Lockeport Sea Derby

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AUGUST 10th-12th, 2018

Student Job Opportunity

Lockeport Sea Derby  – Festival Coordinator

The Lockeport Sea Derby’s festival co-ordinator will work under direction of the Lockeport Sea Derby Committee.  Duties will include record keeping, marketing, limited fundraising, event coordination, as well as being a liaison between the committee  and community, business and volunteer groups.

Prerequisites: “Student must be attending a post-secondary institution and returning in the Fall of the current year ,or a Grade 12 graduate who will be attending a post-secondary institution full-time in the fall of the current year.”

*A school acceptance letter  is required at any interview for proof of continuing education.

The individual should be able to work autonmously, as well as part of a team, and will require the following skills:

♦ Record keeping, marketing, event coordination, limited fundraising, liaising with community, business, government agencies, and other volunteer groups.

♦ Computer skills including, Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher will be required.

♦ Be well-organized, dependable, and hard working.

♦ Must have above average grammar, spelling and punctuation.

*We require a Cover Letter and Resume from each applicant .

*Applications must be received by Friday, May 4, 2018

*Job start date is Monday, May 28, 2018.

Cover Letter’s and Resumes may  be mailed to:

PO Box 488 Lockeport, NS B0T 1L0

Or email: lockeportseaderby@live.com

Job runs from May 28nd —August 17th  @ $12.00/hr for 35 hours per week.






 Thanks to all of the volunteers, sponsors and participants who helped make the 2017 Sea Derby a huge success!

We had a total of 280 participants. 

203 Adults and 77 Youth

Youth Largest Mackerel – Jayden Roache 1.11 lbs 15.75″

Youth 2nd Largest Mackerel – Kristen Taylor 1.04 lbs 15.50″

Youth Largest Groundfish – Mattie Taylor 9.01 lbs 31″

Youth 2nd Largest Groundfish – Kristen Taylor 6.92 lbs 27.75″

25 Life Jackets donated by Vernon d’Eon Fishing Supplies Ltd

Brinley Fellows, Avery Lloyd, Kayden Williams, Nathan Cotter, Lance Braskey, Scarlet Wolfe, Keithen Morash, Koby Enslow, Savannah Gregory, Cloe Goytheche, Kevin Cotter, Kristian Matthews, Noland Williams, Evan Hiltz, Isaac Johnston, Joel Ryan Roache, Kaitlyn Stuart, Bethany Stuart, Delana Savory, Williams Chetwynd, Jayden Roache, Austin Peterson, Mattie Taylor, Kaitlyn Brown, Derek Beazley

15 Fishing Rods donated by Lockeport Welding

Landon Thompson, Ava Poole, Isaac McGarvey, Parker Williams, Liam Beazley, Riley Hupman, Lincoln Hendrie, Jessie Buchanan, Mark Smith, Blake Lloyd, Sianna O’Brien, Bradley Wilson, Ransom Chetwynd, Hayden Matthews, Emma Elliott, Liam Brasky

Gift bags

Landon Wolfe, Joel Williams, Colby Goyteche, Ashley Hiltz, Chris Garron, Aiden Treloar, Tanner Thompson, Sydney Stewart, Miranda Fellows, Nicola Fellows, Lucas Brasky, Colby Williams, Kailey Crowell, Aiden Lloyd, Megan Smith, Carter Morash, James Buchanan, Michael Stuart, Joel R. Roache, MacKinley O’Brien, Keithen Hemeon, Nicole Bradley, Andrew Theriault

Miscellaneous Prizes

Maddie Garron, Tyler Wilson, Kaylee Townsend, Maddie McGarvey, Xander Hendrie, Shayden Williams, Liam Hodgson, Cohen Shaffer, Lucas Hupman, Linkah Thompson, Kristin Taylor, Jessica Stewart, Hannah Chetwynd

Mac & Vicki Huskilson Memorial donated by the O’Brien family – Mark Smith

$200.00 Youth Grand Prize – Nathan Cotter

Drone, rod, $25 Cineplex gift  card- Evan Hiltz

Drone, Boogie board, 2 Upper Clements Fast Passes – Isaac Johnston

Chum King & Queen – Jason Brown & Ashley Hiltz

Adult Largest Mackerel – Roy MacLeod 1.5 lbs 16.5″

Adult 2nd Largest Mackerel – Nick Buchanan 1.4 lbs 16.25″

Adult Largest Groundfish – Connor MacIntosh 6.02 lbs 21.25″

Adult 2nd Largest Groundfish – Jonas Volsensang 5.57 lbs 26″

Adult Largest Shark – John Lightfoot 375 lbs

Adult 2nd Largest Shark – Chris Peterson 264.33 lbs


Non-Shark Boat Captain Prize #1 –Darrell Morash

Non-Shark Boat Captain Prize #2 – John Chetwynd

Shark Boat Captain Prize #1 – Ben Taylor

Shark Boat Captain Prize # 2 – Junior Labour


Adult Package Prizes – Jennifer MacIntosh, Carson Swim, Kate Richardson, Melanie Smith, Roger Harding, Mark Taylor, Emily Swim, Margaret Chetwynd

Women’s Prizes – Jenny Hiltz, Karis Brown, Terri Cotter, Rebecca Williams, Natalie Bradley

David Hollett Memorial Prizes donated by Cotter’s Ocean Products – Kate Richardson and Karen Arsenault

Chris Collishaw Memorial Prize donated by White Gull Restaurant – Chris Peterson

50/50 Ticket Draw  $243.00 – Terri Cotter

Troll Basket – Erica Goulden

Paw Patrol Basket – Darlene Chetwynd

Ladies Basket – Emily Swim

Men’s Basket – Kent Balish

Loster Trap – Darcy MacIntosh

Trap Chair – Jeff LeBlanc

Poker Draw $285.00 – Dan O’Brien

Free entry into 2018 derby – Kristen Taylor

Grand Prize Draws

$2000.00 Adult Grand Prize – Shawn Lloyd

Kayak with vest, safety kit and paddle – Blair Moland

Spypoint cellular trail camera – Tanner Townsend



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MANDATORY DMP PROGRAM FOR THE RECREATIONAL SHARK FISHERY.  What this means for any shark licence holder, is that your log MUST be sent in to an official DFO Designated Dockside Monitoring Company, whether or not you catch any shark.

If you catch shark, you must fill in your log as always, filling in the required information – even if you DO NOT catch any shark….you must put “NIL” on your log and send it in.  For this year’s 26th  Annual Lockeport Sea Derby, we have checked into this for our participants, and one company “Barrington Catch Monitoring” has agreed to come on board as a major sponsor and do all of our shark logs for free – YOU MUST PASS THEM IN TO KAREN DASH ON  THE WHARF and they must be filled in with the proper shark information or be a “NIL” report if there were none caught by you.

The Lockeport Sea Derby Association takes no responsibility for the information participants put on their logs – therefore, it is up to the licence holders to ensure they are filled out correctly before being handed in for this Free input program!



 We have introduced the requirement for the operator of the vessel to submit a single monitoring document for all recreational licence holders on the vessel. Hopefully this will make it easier for most of the participants. The monitoring document is attached to the end of the conditions.


Instead of boats individually having to hail in and out, this year the derby association will be responsible for this!